and now the fitting out !

(see the gallery here)

The new project will be to furnish the new pavilion, so that it will provide a welcoming place for all the community to meet and play. The furnishing will include the central heating system; flooring throughout; kitchen units and appliances; stacking tables and chairs and indoor games equipment.

The community is already using the playing field and has always wholeheartedly supported the various fundraising events that are held during the year. However, due to the lack of suitable facilities, various vulnerable groups are disadvantaged. In bad weather elderly people have to sit in cars parked on the field and there is no where for parents with very young children to go for shelter. The new furnished pavilion will provide a warm, pleasant area and meeting place for everyone. It will also mean that having plumbed-in toilets and a suitable kitchen we can organise local and area team sports and tennis matches.

Not only do we expect that the village community will enjoy using the new facilities, but we also expect to be able to rent the pavilon to various outside groups.  A modest sized meeting room with adequate parking in a beautiful environment will be an attractive option for many outside groups.

Who will do the work – and when?

The start of the Lottery project was 1st December 2010 and the finish date was tentatively September 2011

We intend to:

1. Install the electrical and central heating systems
2. Purchase a fire-proof roller shutter for the kitchen serving hatch
3. Buy and fit heavy duty wood-strip flooring and kitchen/toilet tiles
4. Purchase decorating materials
5. Purchase fire-resistant curtains
6. Buy and fit new kitchen units and appliances
7. Buy stacking tables and chairs
8. Buy folding snooker and table-tennis tables, a dart board and short mat bowls equipment.

Items 1 and 2 will be professionally fitted.

Labour for items 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be supplied by local volunteers and overseen by an experienced local, volunteer builder.

We already have a large number of local and neighbouring volunteers, who are willing to help. This includes people of all ages, both genders and various talents and abilities.

The village shop and local magazine keeps everyone up to date with progress reports. People are regularly invited and volunteer to help.

As we have allowed nine months to complete the project we feel confident that we will be able to complete the work within the timescale alloted. We know that our targets are realistic from our experience of completing various successful projects in the past.

Atherington Children’s Playing Field Committee has appointed a small working group (which includes a retired builder, an accountant, retired business manager) which will be responsible for managing the project and progress will be reviewed by the Building Inspector and the Parish Council,

We have included suggestions from all members of the community to ensure that the facilities are accessible to everyone. This has been done by taking advice from a local builder; the local Senior Building Surveyor; a local Architect; the Parish Council and the parish community at the Atherington Children’s Playing Field AGM. We have also advertised the plans, aims and objectives in the local magazine, door to door fliers and at the annual fête held at the playing field. There has not been any recorded local opposition to the project.

How much will it cost ?

These are estimates of capital costs that have been taken from various reputable national suppliers advertising on the internet.

Estimates for Furnishing the Playing Field Pavilion

Club-room floor                      2,800
Kitchen/ toilet floors              1,000
Heating and electrics             6,000
Fire Screen Shutter               1,500
Fire resistant Curtains          1,000
Skirting Boards                          300
Painting walls and woodwork  200

Kitchen Units                          7,500
Cooker                                         200
Fridge/small freezer                  250
Sinks and Taps                           200
Kettle                                              30
Toaster                                           30
China                                         1,000
Cutlery                                         400
Saucepans                                    150
Utensils/ boards/ Tea towels    150

Tables 10 x £50                          500
Chairs 40 x £15                           600

Folding Snooker table                 130
Folding Table tennis table          250
Short Mat Bowls Mat                  500
Dartboard in Cabinet                     50
Accessories for above                  500

Cleaning equipment                     310
Fire equipment                             150
miscellaneous items                     300

Total                                      26,000

Volunteer labour equates to: 14,000

30 weekends of 5 people @ £10 (1400 hours)

The final expenditure figures were as follows :

Club-room floor                       4429.86
Kitchen/ toilet floors                 481.93
Heating and electrics              3700.40
Fire Screen Shutter                 1751.00
Fire resistant Curtains              621.83
Skirting Boards                           441.61
Painting walls and woodwork   154.50

Kitchen Units                             3749.78
Sinks and Taps                              51.66
Kettle                                              37.49
Toaster                                           30.00
China & Cutlery                         1333.33
Saucepans                                    194.41
Utensils/ boards/ Towels          110.97

Tables                                         1579.45
Chairs                                          1527.70

Folding Table tennis table         233.29
Short Mat Bowls Mat                 892.50
Dartboard in Cabinet                    24.99
Accessories for above                 543.61

Cleaning equipment                    106.51
Fire equipment                            185.00
Miscellaneous items                  1284.40

Plastering                                    2188.83
Toilet Fittings                               382.53

Total                                      26006.66

During this time a cash flow problem was eased by a kind loan from Atherington Parish Council (The National Lottery reimbursed us after we had bought the items – and the VAT had to be reclaimed retrospectively)

Also this year Dr Maureen Pattinson very generously donated money towards the kitchen and some extra chairs in memory of her husband Roger.

Our County Councillor – Richard Edgell, donated a welcome gift of £4000 to match our own funds to complete the work on the building.


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