In 2009 planning permission and building regulations approval were gained to build a new pavilion on the existing site.

Using our own funds plus £1000 kindly donated from Devon Playing Field Association; £500 from the Barnstaple Rotary Club and £500 from our local County Councillor, Albert Cook’s discretionary fund we were able start work on the foundations.

A container was bought from e-bay to house all the equipment which was currently being stored in the old pavilion.

The container was later painted by local volunteers, thanks to a donation of paint from a local company, so that it blends in with the surroundings.

With permission granted to extend the pavilion (or rebuild if necessary), the local ground force of volunteers set to, to clear the site…

and with our own hard won funds created through ongoing parish fundraising and all-age voluntary labour – skilled and unskilled, equipment was hired, the site prepared, drainage laid and concrete poured to create foundations which have met with Building Control approval.

The wholehearted support of the parish for this project is evident in not only the labour that has been provided but also for example by:
· The safety fencing used around the site was lent to Atherington Children’s Playing Field free of charge by a local building company saving a rental charge of £350.

· A local farmer has offered one of his barns as storage space for the building materials.

· A local architect gave his time free of charge to construct plans to pass building control requirements

· A qualified accountant providing a budget overview and financial information for the committee has given his time free of charge.

· The appreciation by all those involved of the different needs of the various age groups. As a small example: soil surplus to immediate building requirements was landscaped by the adults into a temporary BMX track for the parish youngsters.


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