the 1970’s

In March 1971 the first Atherington Children’s Playing Field Committee meeting was held and over the next two years the initial cost of the field had been repaid through local fund raising.

Also in that year a further loan of £500 was obtained from the National Playing Field Association (NPFA) to buy equipment (Swings, Slide and Igloo climbing frame) and this was repaid by 1975.


In this year the playing field was used as one of the venues around the village to celebrate the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, when a judo and gymnastic display was given by local children.


Overhead cables were moved because of a perceived danger from kite flying.

Football shirts were bought and a football team was started.

Planning permission was given for a shed/ pavilion.

A rota was set up for parishioners to cut and rake up the grass. It is worth noting that the size of the playing field is approximately two acres, so in those early years, this was a task that required some dedication.

Trophies were bought to be awarded at the football match competitions.

Rounders equipment and new football nets were bought and a volley ball net was donated.


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